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For a Free Estimate, Call Now! Installation available within a week!

For a Free Estimate, Call Now! Installation available within a week!

Spray Foam Insulation Services

For commercial and residential infrastructures.


A Spray Foam Insulation Service You Can Trust

Rely on Florida Spray Insulation, Inc. for your building insulation needs. Infrastructures can have gaps where air can leak. This can affect the airflow of the building and can lead to higher electric bills. Keep your homes and offices energy-efficient with our spray foam insulations today.

How It Started

Our owner, Lucas Fenik, is a licensed contractor in Florida who used to get spray foam contractors for his projects. He was not satisfied with their services, so he decided to create his own company that can give high-quality insulation services.

Why Do You Need Spray Foam Insulation

Unlike other kinds of insulation, spray foam insulation fills in cracks and gaps in walls, floors, and ceilings. It never loses its shape even after a long time and has benefits like sound control, mold growth prevention, and it reduces airflow, which helps in lowering your energy bills. The types of spray foam we offer are:

Open Cell Spray Foam

As its name suggests, cells in this type of insulation are not completely closed, so the foam is softer and more flexible. This type of insulation is suitable for interior applications.

Closed Cell Spray Foam

Cells in this type of insulation are more rigid and provide more strength when applied. It works best at low temperatures and moist places since it can reject water.

Contact Us

For more than 19 years, Florida Spray Insulation, Inc. in Destin, FL has been providing quality spray foam insulation in counties like Walton, Okaloosa, Bay, and Santa Rosa. We offer free estimates, price match, and a 10% off from your first project with us. Get in touch with us today for inquiries about our services.

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